Why rent when you can
Rent 2 OWN?
Are you tired of throwing away money in rent but think you are not ready or able to buy your own home? You can start the BUYING process with a 'rent2own' home with NO QUALIFYING and build your savings toward your purchase.  Our 'Rent to Own' program is designed to help you into your own home, right now, even if you are in some situation that makes it difficult or inconvenient to actually buy today.

Rent To Own Advantages

  • •  Few qualification restrictions.
  • •  50% of your first twelve monthly rental payments are credited to the purchase. Your rent money is finally working for you!
  • •  Credit problems are not a road block.
  • •  Use your rent credit toward the purchase of ANY home we have available for sale or can build for you, when you are ready, in the Granbury, Texas area. Restrictions may apply to this offer in other areas.
  • •  Time to resolve credit issues, save for a down payment and to shop for and obtain the best financing. (Please Note: If you are able to purchase sooner than 12 months we will credit the entire 12 months of rent credit, approximately 5% of the sales price- toward your purchase IMMEDIATELY).
  • •  Nice homes available in good neighborhoods. We can also build on your lot.
  • •  Our homes change weekly. If we don't have your home today we may have it tomorrow. Call and tell us what you are looking for and we will let you know when it becomes available.
  • •  Everything is agreed in advance, in plain English, so you understand exactly your benefits and situation. Please visit the 'testimonials' on our website to see how we have helped many people.

  • •  If we do not have the home you wish to purchase available at this time we will apply the 'rent credit' from any of our homes you rent toward the purchase of a NEW home we build for you.
This is certainly a possibility as we also build homes. However, due to the change in the banking and construction industry in the past few years there are certain restrictions we now have to consider to be able to do this for you. Please call to discuss you particular situation. Thank you.